Kryta Krydderier

Spices and blends for food service and the food industry

Nordic supplier of spice, spice blends and bakery blends

Kryta is a supplier of spices and ready-to-use mixes for retail butchers, food service and industry in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. With more than 60 years of experience, high quality spices is key to Kryta.

The assortment includes everything from pure spices, spice mixtures and sliced herbs to specially developed functional mixtures for e.g. convenience products. Based on approx. 700 different spices and ingredients Kryta develops Crisp customer-specific blends in close collaboration with the customer.


Innovation centre

Kryta has lots of ideas cooking in their innovation kitchen

With 700 different basic spices and ingredients on the shelves, Kryta develops customer-specific mixtures in close cooperation with our customers.

Kryta make a point of being an agile company, so the process is short with a focus on a good result. The production facilities arranged so that Kryta can handle large production batches, but also small ones.

Everything is gathered under one roof, so that it can quickly be determined whether the solution complies with current food legislation and the options for production and packaging.