Resources within the group

Sales partner

  • Serve as our suppliers’ sales organization in the Nordic countries with local knowledge of our markets
  • Act as the local contact for our customers in the respective Nordic countries
  • Invoice in the local currency for each Nordic country, as well as any other standard currency (EURO/USD/GBP)
  • Sign confidentiality agreements

Warehousing and logistics

  • Possess warehouse capacity of 5,000 square meters in total
  • Supply our customers with products from local warehouses in Denmark and Sweden
  • Offer consignment stock to our customers, thus ensuring short delivery times
  • Manage logistical solutions for our suppliers and customers

Technical service

  • Retain close contact with authorities and service the market with registrations at relevant organisations and regulatory authorities, e.g. Kemikalieinspektionen in Sweden
  • Update our customers on changes in national and international laws and regulations
  • Update and keep track of TDS and MSDS, including service with translation of these documents
  • Arrange product training with our suppliers


  • Handle advertising in the local trade press together with our suppliers
  • Manage marketing material and brochures and translate them into local languages
  • Send out general and specific information from our suppliers to our customers, e.g. Alsiano FoodNews
  • Organise seminars and symposiums with our suppliers
  • Create market analyses and perform research on behalf of our suppliers

Product development and labs

  • Provide our suppliers with customer-based projects
  • Help our customers – together with our suppliers – in the development of recipes and fulfilling their needs for different products from different suppliers: one-stop shop
  • Assist our customers in finding the right product through our database
  • Possess our own labs and have access to specialised labs within different industries


  • Possess our own production company
  • Produce blends for the food industry